#KarhuUSA: Lacamas Heritage Trail, Camas, Washington

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The best word to describe the Lacamas Heritage Trail in Camas, Washington, is probably “tranquil”.  Say what you will about the suburbs, but their idle and sleepy nature does lend itself to creating the perfect conditions for tranquil lakeside runs.

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Clark County’s map of the route.

The 312-acre park, about fifteen minutes away from Portland’s metro area, boasts a 3.5-mile point-to-point trail, along the shores of Lacamas Lake.  It is located in a hamlet in the eastern part of the great entity that is a vast, strip-mall-and-subdivision, suburbia-ish northern neighbor of Portland, Oregon.  That entity is the city of Vancouver, Washington, “The Couve”, as it is lovingly, and sometimes begrudgingly known.

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The pathway is indeed a trail, mostly dirt, wide, gradual, with seldom asphalt or other hard surface sections. Covered with bright fall leaves for extra cushion, it provides an awesome opportunity for a slower-pace recovery run. Just what the doctor ordered after a long run, or a speedy tempo the day before.

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Of course, the possibility of a seven-mile jaunt makes this route also quite suitable for faster runs, like tempos or race-pace trials. In any circumstance, if you find yourself in The Couve, looking for a place to run, look no further than Lacamas Heritage Trail.



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